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Coaching [Old] Bryce Rodriguez February 20, 2022

Accelerate Your Success

Coaching With Bryce

My Approach

I believe that improvement in anything takes time. If you’re looking for a shortcut to driving skill and a way to improve as fast as possible then my coaching is not for you. There is no shortcut to your goals or easy way to improve quickly. With my experience as a personal fitness trainer in college, I spend time emphasizing to my clients to focus on the process. We continue to focus on the process, not solely on the outcome. If the process is right the outcome will inevitably follow.

I aim to help you maximize your driving technique and racing potential. Through my experience of over a decade in sim racing, a graduate of Skip Barber Racing School, and being coached by many high-level coaches, I want to pass down my knowledge to you. I want to help you through exercises on track, race craft and other tools that have helped me reach the top 3% of drivers on the iRacing platform and help me transition into racing in the real world.

I don’t believe that you can break bad habits, learn new skills in just one coaching session, It’s just not enough time. It’s like trying to master playing a musical instrument after just one lesson.

This is why along side my single one-hour session I have also designed a much longer coaching program than most out there. It includes six, one-hour long (two hour maximum) sessions that can be scheduled as close together or as far apart as you want. I will be tracking your individual progress and get to know you and your driving personally. After every session I will be taking time to analyze your driving on my own time. Each week we will learn something different. My goal is to equip you with race craft tools to be more confident when your big race comes so you can be focused and ready to take on the moment.

All you have to do; Show up. Do your best. Learn from it. And then we get to do it again.

– Bryce

Ready to enhance your driving skills to the next level?

let's delve into what's included.

Do you feel like you're doing something wrong but don't know what?

Learn how to improve race pace. understand car handling. make decisions under pressure find the secrets to each track.
  • For all students beginner to advanced level
  • Understand how to drive faster and more consistently
  • Get a personal analysis of your driving
  • Comparisons using telemetry data
  • See your progress after six weeks
  • Learn how to improve on your own

Program Plan

This program is structured strategically to offer the best progression and end result. Progressively getting more challenging. With your progress being tracked every session is catered to focus on your strengths and tackle your weaknesses.

Session 1: Introduction to Sim Racing Fundamentals

Session 2: Mastering Basic Racing Techniques

Session 3: Advanced Driving Strategies and Racecraft

Session 4: Fine-tuning Vehicle Setup and Optimization

Session 5: Mental Preparation and Focus Techniques

Session 6: Performance Review and Future Development Planning

100% Money Back Gaurentee

  • If you don’t improve your driving by the end of the six weeks, you’ll get your money back
  • All of the money collected from coaching is directly invested in making my coaching program more refined

Choose your plan

I recognize that some individuals may prefer just a one-hour session, which is why I have also included that option in my offerings.

1:1 Coaching
6 Personalized Sessions


1:1 Coaching
1 Hour Session