My Story [Test]

A brief History

  • Born: May 7th 2003 
  • Hometown: Beacon, NY
  • Interests: Fitness & Content Creation 

As long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the speed and thrill of race cars, a passion ignited by watching Formula 1 races with my Dad every Sunday. However, pursuing a career in racing seemed impossible due to financial constraints. Racing seemed out of reach. While my peers played traditional sports, I immersed myself in matchbox cars, Lego cars, and Scalextric cars, nurturing my love for anything with four wheels.

The breakthrough came with PT Autosport’s Aspiring Driver Shootout, where I was one of eight selected from 200 applicants to compete for a $100,000 racing scholarship. Though I didn’t win, finishing as a runner-up with a $10,000 award allowed me to attend the prestigious Skip Barber Racing School, further honing my skills.

Despite failing to progress beyond the second day in the 2023 PT Autosport Aspiring Driver Shootout, I viewed it as a learning experience. The disappointment was tough, but it reinforced my determination to succeed. I remain committed to personal growth and am eager to tackle new challenges, confident that with hard work and dedication, I can achieve my dream of becoming a professional racing driver. Whatever opportunities 2024 brings, I am ready to seize them.

  • Rotax Karting
  • 2022 PT Autosport Aspiring Driver Shootout (Mazda MX-5 NA)
  • Skip Barber 3 Day GT School (Mustang GT)
  • PT Autosport Test Day (Porsche Spec Boxster)
  • 2023 PT Autosport Aspiring Driver Shootout (Porsche Spec Boxster)
  • Hyperion Racing Team Driver
  • Over a decade of sim racing experience
  • 5.0k iRating in iRacing (Top 1%)
  • 12 Lap records

“I first met Bryce during a Skip Barber Racing School event at Lime Rock Park which I was instructing at. Throughout the event, as a professional in the motorsport industry, Bryce stuck out as a driver with not just a natural ability but the mindset to always be learning and soaking in information. He has the mindset and abilities to put egos aside and he’s not only quick, but extremely aware of his surroundings and consistent, I would have no concerns sharing any circuit with Bryce.”

-Simon Tibbett

“I had the pleasure of coaching Bryce as a Skip Barber instructor last year at Lime Rock Park. While he came into the program with a strong foundation, he still managed to improve in every session across three days. He was one of those students you never had to worry about due to his low-risk, controlled approach to finding little bits of pace on every lap. Given his great attitude and mature demeanor, I’d expect him to apply this approach to any car or track he drives in the future. My exact post-program shorthand notes read “improved every session, predictable, quick!”, which is a perfect summary of Bryce from a year ago, which I would only expect to continue to improve.”

-Mike Ogren

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