Want to be apart of my journey?

With your help we can inspire thousands of people who only dream of becoming a race car driver to make that a reality through hard work, and perseverance. I’m currently looking for partners to help support my journey and help me get to the next level of real life motorsports.

If your business is interested in helping, get in touch using the link below, and let’s talk about how we can build a profitable partnership through the world of motorsports.  

Current Partners

Trax Coffee Roasters

Need an energy boost for your racing or productive needs? Check out Trax Coffee roasters the Priemer coffee roaster in the Hudson valley. Trax coffee roasters has some of the freshest roasted coffee out there. They roast every day of the week and you can be sure you'll be getting hand packed bags packaged and shipped with care and getting the most fresh coffee. I wouldn't be able to imagine starting my day without my Trax espresso.