Program Plan

Do you feel like you're doing something wrong but don't know what?

Learn how to improve race pace. understand car handling. make decisions under pressure find the secrets to each track.
  • For all students beginner to advanced level
  • Understand concepts and reduce bad habits
  • See your progress after six weeks
  • Comparisons using telemetry data
  • Offering a “human touch” to bring out the best in your driving skill

Program Plan

This program is structured strategically to offer the best progression and end result. Progressively getting more challenging. With your progress being tracked every session is catered to focus on your strengths and tackle your weaknesses.

Session 1: Introduction to Sim Racing Fundamentals

Session 2: Mastering Basic Racing Techniques

Session 3: Advanced Driving Strategies and Racecraft

Session 4: Fine-tuning Vehicle Setup and Optimization

Session 5: Mental Preparation and Focus Techniques

Session 6: Performance Review and Future Development Planning

1:1 Coaching
6 Personalized Sessions