Rodriguez Wins the Pro Class at Mugello in Season 11 of PCA Sim Racing Bryce Rodriguez April 14, 2024

Rodriguez Wins the Pro Class at Mugello in Season 11 of PCA Sim Racing

This Thursday was the penultimate round (race 6) of Season 11 in the PCA Sim Racing championship. Joining late in the season at round 4 at Road America I wasn’t in contention for the championship but this didn’t stop me from wanting to do my very best and fight at the front. A month ago in my debut race at Road America in the pro class, I finished a hard-fought P6. Two weeks later Zandvoort followed and finished P3.

Going into Mugello, I felt decently confident of my race pace and handling the tires towards the end of the first stint but was not feeling good about my one-lap pace. In qualifying I qualified 3rd on the grid, 0.074 hundredths of a second to Carrey Brooks pole lap of 1:46.424. The start of the race got underway and I didn’t get the best start, to say the least lost a position and dropped to P4. A few laps in the leader Derek Cyphers spun and this moved me up to P3.

Towards the end of the first stint I was chasing down P2 and Jesse Lyons jumped into the pits and this allowed me to have some clear air to chase down Carrey Brooks to try to get past for P1. I had a second gap to bring down but I managed to bring that gap down in a few laps. With 14 minutes to go I was bumper to bumper with him going down the front straight I was a small gap on the inside of San Donato (turn 1) and went for it.

After a hard-fought pass now I had to defend and keep the positions for the remaining minutes of the race. I made my stop for fuel and came out in P1. At this point, the tires were hurting. Going through Arrabbitail 1 & 2 the rear end was on the knife’s edge. I had to caress the car through the high-speed corners to not only stay on the track but keep the competitors behind. Finally, the race had to come to an end after a dramatic race, clinching my first win in PCA.

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